Natko Hasić

Natko Hasić — Designer & Maker

senior designer

ui ux motion

Hi there, my name is Natko and I do interface, motion and interaction design. My focus is on making fluid and fun interfaces.

Rijeka, Croatia

Everything you see I made in the last 12 months. Meet you down.

  • Dashkit

  • 2021 - 2024

Analytics tool with custom dashboards

Dashkit is an analytics tool with a unique ability to have user-defined parameters for each of the chart types. Like Notion for analytics.

RoleLead Designer

AreaWeb + Product

Period2021 - 2024

RoleLead Designer

Figma plugin for design tokens export

Handoff is an open source tool for developers and designers. It is used to extract, transform and distribute design decisions from Figma as design tokens.

RoleLead Designer

AreaWeb + Product

Period2022 - 2024


Alongside product design, I was also in charge of the web experience, illustrations and motion.

If it's not obvious by now: I am passionate about everything.

Below you can see some of my side projects from the past few months. If I can imagine it I can build it - this is the attitude with which I approach every effort.

Prototyping tool card design — 2024

My interests go deeper than making an interface look good or respond to inputs in a certain way. Every decision matters.

Side project management app — 2023 Analytics dashboard toolkit — 2024
I've been in remote teams my entire career, this is my most productive setup.
This is my work desk, small workshop powered purely by passion for the craft. And also electricity.
My Approach

Making products and experiences that are thoughtful and intuitive.

Designing experiences for people who dedicated part of their time to use the product I worked on is a unique privilege, I don't take it lightly.

Sincerity and good intentions are something we detect in people we interact with — I believe products and interfaces can carry these characteristics as well. If you put a lot of thought into your craft people will notice, prioritizing relationships with people over metrics goes a long way.

I draw a great deal of my inspiration from experimental music, mostly electronic. Somehow anti-structure and novel but comfortably predictable and intuitive, like a road with thousand turns and no signs, but still obvious in its path and destination.

These days I'm mostly active on X so feel free to reach out.